At some point, my baby became a big girl. It is completely cliche, but don’t blink comes to mind. How did this happen? How am I dropping off my Continue Reading →

Mothers of Special Children

My mom is the best mom….for me. There was a time I couldn’t stand my mom and avoided her. That was because my mom knows me better than anyone. Now Continue Reading →

Becoming Vivienne

Warning: sorta braggy I-love-my-kid post I knew that she would have an amazing and bold personality before she was even born.She is my child and a girl. There was really Continue Reading →

Springing Forward with Vivienne

My baby loves outside. She¬†insists¬†on being outside as much as she can. (I admit, I have a hard time telling her no, still.) Every day, when we come home from Continue Reading →

Baby Meltdowns

I knew my child was going to have meltdowns because she is like me. She wants to get her way at all times. Vivienne has hit “milestones” early from the Continue Reading →