Momming So Hard: Teacher Gift Edition

I love being a mom, especially to my mini. I am so truly blessed that God chose me to be her mom. However, I am not the mom who lives Continue Reading →


  At some point, my baby became a big girl. It is completely cliche, but don’t blink comes to mind. How did this happen? How am I dropping off my Continue Reading →


“Survivors are the ones who write history.” I heard this and it truly resonated with me because that is exactly what I am and exactly what I am doing. I Continue Reading →

Toddler Times (vol. 1)

I knew my child was going to “be a handful.” She was/is just like me. I know that I was/am a “handful.” I am good with her being “difficult.” I Continue Reading →

Hurry Up and Wait

I am the LEAST patient person in the world, ever. Really. I blame it on my anxiety because everything in my mind happensĀ super fast. My brain works at warp speed. Continue Reading →