At some point, my baby became a big girl. It is completely cliche, but don’t blink comes to mind. How did this happen? How am I dropping off my Continue Reading →

Growing Up

I got tears in my eyes at Chic-fil-a yesterday. No special reason, except for the fact that my baby is not a baby. I have always known the clichés that Continue Reading →

My Life is a Lie

It is still a lie if it is a lie of omission, right? I was told that my marriage was a “Facebook lie” by a girl who was saying anything Continue Reading →

Stroller Life

We are an on the go family. I am happy when Vivienne actually wants to ride in her stroller. We have been using our fancy jogging stroller that our cousins Continue Reading →


You can’t define me. Sometimes I wish I fit into a category, but I just don’t. I like to joke that I am a sober-liberal-southern baptist-outdoorsperson, but even that isn’t Continue Reading →

Laughter is the Best Medicine

My child loves to laugh. She has the best laugh I have ever heard. When she hears someone laugh across the room, she laughs. When she hears someone on the Continue Reading →

I Won’t Sell My Sex

I won’t sell myself; my body that is. It also frustrates me greatly that other women allow or want to sell their bodies. In fact, I am pretty sure they Continue Reading →