Quality Living

longer want to just exist and get by I want to know what this Earth has for me. Last year was truly the hardest year to stay sober since I Continue Reading →

They Don’t Like You

I am an easy target for bullies. I am because I care. I care too much. I have always been this way. Growing up, I was made fun of daily at Continue Reading →

Genie, You’re Free

I was hit hard when I found out Robin Williams lost his battle with depression and ended his life. He was a success story for people like me, who struggle Continue Reading →

You Just Need to Relax

I was told I need to relax by someone I don’t even know anymore. I think people assume sober people don’t relax because we don’t drink. Just a guess. Honestly, Continue Reading →

Growing in Faith and Knowledge

I get really tired of being the bigger person, of taking the high road, but I have to because I know better. My parents taught me better than to be Continue Reading →


You can’t define me. Sometimes I wish I fit into a category, but I just don’t. I like to joke that I am a sober-liberal-southern baptist-outdoorsperson, but even that isn’t Continue Reading →

3 Years Towards Forever

Tomorrow Travis and I will be married 3 whole years! Insane! I know that doesn’t sound like much for some people, but for us and all we have been through, Continue Reading →

Salt Water Therapy

I am a salt water girl. I think it heals, whether it be through tears that you cry, fish that you catch from it, or waves that wash over you. Continue Reading →

The Little Things

First of all,  I truly believe everyone has some sort of addiction, something they obsess over, something they are irrational about. My addiction just happens to try to kill me. Continue Reading →