6 Years of Sobriety

I woke up this morning with 6 years of sobriety. 6. In a row. I wish I could tell you everything is easy, perfect and exactly what I dreamed of, Continue Reading →

Never mind the Locusts

I don’t think I have ever seen this Bible verse before. When it came up in my Bible study I was brought to tears. Big giant baby tears. Close to Continue Reading →

Too Busy

I was driving home the other day from my oily friend Wendy’s house. I knew my little and hubby were both home. I knew they were having a good time Continue Reading →

The Cup

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last night and came across a pic a non-denominational church (I had actually considered going to) put up of their Passover service, compete Continue Reading →

Get Help

My doctor said that I need to be journaling. It helps to get the thoughts out on paper before I try to sleep. He also said to not bring the Continue Reading →

You Just Need to Relax

I was told I need to relax by someone I don’t even know anymore. I think people assume sober people don’t relax because we don’t drink. Just a guess. Honestly, Continue Reading →

Understanding Addiction

Let’s get things straight. I did not chose addiction. There is no cure for addiction. I do not enjoy being an addict, but I do see the silver lining. Addiction Continue Reading →

Better, Not Bitter

I hate that word, bitter. Heck yes, I am bitter sometimes. Someone I cared about deeply told me I was bitter and needed to get help. She was right and Continue Reading →