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Here is the real deal. I am head over heals in love with Young Living Essential Oils. You know when you are in love and you just can’t help but talk about it. That kind of love I feel for my faith, my child and Young Living. Why? Because they are life changing!

One of the big reasons I started drinking was to quiet my mind so I could sleep. I have this hamster wheel that never stops spinning! I took 4-5 Benadryl a night to sleep after recovery. It was awful, but as my doctor said, better than a six pack! (Really, more than that.) A friend gave me another brand of lavender. I didn’t use it for a while, then sporadically, but with my Benadryl. One night I put it on first. I fell asleep without medicine! OK, there is something to these oils. I contacted my friend, it had been months since she gave it to me, but she was no longer selling. So I put it on Facebook that I had questions. That was when I met my friend Wendy who changed my life. She took time out to talk to me about oils, I bought a kit. Young Living blew the other oil oit of the water. I slept the whole night through, using nothing but Lavender. Nothing has been the same since.


I now use oils for everything. Really, everything. I love making things and helping my family, friends and really anyone that will let me put oil on them! I love that oils have given me the opportunity to really change lives visibly. They also give me an outlet to share my faith and recovery testimony. They all work together. I have made things like bug spray, sun screen, pain bombs & creams, makeup removers, hair growth help, lotion bars, soaps, itch help, plant bug repellent, bath fizzes, hemorrhoid help (keeping it real), wart remover, headache help, happy mix, focus help, and the list goes on. There is always an oil for that. My believe is that God gave us the tools we need to help with everything! He put it in plants. We just have to learn how to harness that plant power (volatile substance/life force) to help ourselves! If it was good enough for baby Jesus, hey, I am not even worthy! People have been using essential oils for life assistance since the dawn of time and it is heavily documented throughout history.



We love essential oils!

We love our oils so much we wear them everyday! I found this great company, Aroma Couture Jewelry that I am in love with! Me and Viv totally dig wearing our jewelry that diffuses oils all day and is super cute! Check out the site and follow me on my oils Instagram @essentialswithrubies2redfish for all the great deals!

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Why is Young Living the best? SO many reasons. We have a Seed to Seal guarantee that no one comes close to. We have our own farms that you can visit, even plant your own lavender! We take great pride in the quality of our oils. Which is great since lesser oils that are diluted can do more harm than good. Young Living is 100% essential oil. No other company can truly claim that because they aren’t able to monitor the entire process of growth to your doorstep the way Young Living can. I am learning how important quality is with oils and really, most everything in life.

SEED TO SEAL v1.2 (1)

It isn’t a slogan, it is our calling.

One of the other really neat things about the group I am in is the support. We know that oils are a little daunting. It is a new way of life. of course, you can incorporate oils as little or as much as you like, but I know you will fall in love just like me. We have online groups that are very helpful in your oily journey. I can add you to the intro group, just message me! Once you get your kit I will add you to our private group! I am also here for questions and comments!


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What is this kit I speak of? The premium starter kit is the best way to get started. It gives you 11 oils and a diffuser at half the retail cost! Plus, form then on you are a wholesale member and get 24% off. There is so much more we could talk about so add me on Facebook! Get your kit, here! I am so excited for your oily journey. It has changed my life and I can’t wait to hear about how it is changing yours!

Get your kit and let me know which deal you would like!

Get your kit and let me know which deal you would like!

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You are going to love Young Living how we do!