Sober Girl on a Booze Cruise

I got several weird looks when I told people I was going on a Carnival Cruise for a 21st birthday booze cruise. But aren’t you sober? But you don’t drink, Continue Reading →

Sober Girl Clubbing

Last weekend, I went out. Granted it was at 4 – 6:30pm on a Saturday afternoon, but it was at a club and other people were drinking. Oh, I was Continue Reading →

Fortune Teller

I am obsessed with planning. I like to know what I am doing months in advance. I have 1 paper planner, 2 calendars (home and work) and a calendar on Continue Reading →

Fish to Live

Fish to live. This may seem a little extreme at first. It did to me in the beginning. I didn’t understand why my ex-husband would obsess over a creature he Continue Reading →

Moving through with Anxiety

I am back! It took a week to get mostly moved in. Which is a lot longer than it normally takes me. I like things to be in their place. Continue Reading →

I Don’t Discriminate

I don’t discriminate against people or fish. Ok, that’s a lie. I really hate catching catfish. It’s true. I get really disappointed when I can feel a sailcat on the Continue Reading →

Dear Josh,

(An open letter to a friend for over a decade who passed away suddenly in a tragic drowning accident.)   I saw your mom at a job interview. I wasn’t Continue Reading →

To Have Friends

To have real friends, you have to be a real friend. Having friends is one of the perks of being sober. I have been weird my whole life. Seriously, really Continue Reading →

Love Not Tolerance

Some of my life I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. NOLA. I loved that part. The first time, I ¬†was young, Pre-K – Kindergarten, my Dad was in Seminary. The Continue Reading →