I am a novice fisherman, mom, and doer at life. I am not sure if I will ever consider my self a professional at any of these things. I deeply love all of them though. If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I would have loved any of them I would have laughed at you! I wasn’t doing well at  basic living.

My sobriety date is 11/29/2011. I don’t drink or do drugs because I can’t (I would die) and I have found life to be much more pleasant, in fact, amazing since that date. My struggle with alcohol lasted for over 15 years. That is a long story. One I attempt to tell in this blog.

The first time I truly fished was around that same date as well. Once I quit drinking, I needed something to do on the boat. I wasn’t taught to fish growing up by my dad the way many lady anglers are. My dad taught me so many things, but fishing is not on that list. I learned that after sobriety. I replaced the beer with a rod. I learn more each time I go and am working on being self-sufficient on the water!

Before I found my love of fishing, I found out I was pregnant. I am a mom and I love being a mom. Personally, I think my Vivienne is the best kid ever. I am sure you will, too! Well, after your own of course!

I am an all or nothing kind of gal. Go big or go home. Or how about, you just don’t even bother to show up. I can be offensive. That isn’t my goal, but I am not sorry. I am a Christian. This is most important. If it weren’t for Jesus, I wouldn’t still be here. Jesus and my parents. So hold on. I am new to this, but I am glad you are here to join me!


Disclaimers: I love pop music and anything else that makes me want to dance, I wear leggings as pants, sometimes I don’t eat because I am not hungry (cheese, chocolate, and bread I will always eat), my house is rarely clean, but always neat, I love my dogs as much as my kid (ok, not quite, but close), I love football, I hate pink, I have a short attention span, I love to read Juniors books, sometimes when I am super stressed I will smoke a cigarette instead of drinking (I hate that about myself), I can be judgy of other people, I LOVE football: Saints and Seminoles!

Oh! I moved to Tallahassee from New Orleans, LA. I loved living there. I hated living in DeLand, Florida, but as I get older I think I would appreciate it now.

Clearly, I misuse commas.

As I evolve, the things I do evolve. Want to take a look at some of my other endevours? Check out my site vanessafletcher.co. I have a passion for helping others. I found that in real estate, blogging and essential oils! Let’s talk. Use the contact form below! Want to talk about a collab? I love trying out new things! Hit me up!


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  1. I’m coming out with an app for fishermen and was wondering if you’d be willing to try it out. If you like it maybe you could mention it in one of your blog posts, and in exchange I could list your blog on my sponsor page! Let me know what you think – Kyle. ([email protected])

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