All Booties Matter



I heard this song called ‘Lil Booties Matter’ and I thought, “heck ya they do!” This is me! You hear all these songs about big butts these days it felt nice for someone to make a song about my tiny thing. Then I thought, wait, all booties matter. I know this sounds silly because honestly, it is.

Recently, a friend told me about how her now ex-husband was very critical of my “bird legs” a few years back. He commented, how could (my then) husband find that attractive? I replied, it is called thigh gap and some women work very hard to get it. These bird legs just happen to be what I was born with. I also found it amusing that that ex-husband hit on me pretty hard after we were both divorced. This all got me thinking.

Then last night at an essential oils class we had about oils that help with libido, we were asked what makes us feel beautiful. At the time, I didn’t really have an answer. I thought about it today and came up with a few things. Music can make me feel beautiful because certain songs make me feel good. Doing well at something I have worked hard for or catching fish make me feel good and in turn beautiful. For me, it isn’t necessarily what I am wearing or have on, but internal. I feel beautiful when I feel happy. Happy is my beautiful.

I also think that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I know, cheesy, but true. After this essential oils class, I was at dinner with two good friends. We were talking about the class and also about our men and the other men we found attractive, like, famous men. We remarked how we had very different types. We rarely found the same men as attractive as the others did. Isn’t this really how God designed it? In different cultures, different attributes are considered highly attractive. In different eras of time, different qualities were regarded as best. I think you could really find a flaw in anyone if you wanted to. However, to me, I find little to no flaws in the mate that I have chosen. I find him extremely attractive, not just because of his physical attributes, but who he is and how he makes me feel.

I think that as a society we can be so focused on surface level qualities because it is all we see in people sometimes. There are so many ways to see someone on a physical level, but not know them any deeper than a one sentence Instagram caption or hashtag. We chose to think someone is desirable when we don’t even know them. I used to just truly admire one of my favorite football players until I started following him on social media and I could tell from those few sentences that he was not an attractive person on the inside. I think that is why I don’t really idolize famous people. I don’t have them on a bucket list to meet or think they are more attractive than someone I would meet in my day-to-day life. Beauty is so much more than what covers your body or face. Beauty is who you are.

I hate when my friends tell me they don’t feel pretty because of how they feel about their body. I see such beauty in my friends. I know them. I see their kindness, loyalty, creativeness and all those other things that are truly what makes someone beautiful. I also think that we are all beautiful in our own way on the outside. What I find attractive, someone else may not and vice versa.

Do I think I am beautiful? Heck ya I do! I am confident in who I am. I see my “flaws.” We had professional headshots taken by a very talented photographer and my first thought after seeing the pics was,”oh goodness is my face always that round?” Sometimes I hate my nose and I definitely do not like my hair up. I am extremely self-conscious about my mom tummy, too. In the fishing world there are a great many girls holding fish in bikinis. That will most likely never be me, well maybe? I used to judge them, but now I realize I don’t have to look down on someone for my own insecurity. Our bodies are beautiful. God made them that way. In fact, we are made in His image. We can decide for ourselves how much of it we chose to share.

I am grateful for oils that help me with that confidence and bringing out that feel good feeling. There is an awesome book you should check out about that, Lucy Libido! If you have questions about essential oils, please ask! One thing, Orange and Cypress will make you feel like a goddess!

This is one issue I have become increasingly more aware of as a mom. My daughter is watching and listening. I want her to know that she is beautiful inside to out. I want her to have confidence in who she is no matter who or what or why someone else tries to bring her down. I am a skinny and awkward, always have been, but now in my 30s I love me. It took me a very long time to get here and I refuse to let anyone bring me down. I want her to feel this way about herself much sooner in her life than I did. I think we have to start with loving ourselves no matter where we are in our evolution. I know that this body, this face will change. I accept that. I am ready to embrace each chapter.

So yes, lil booties matter, but so do the big ones and the in between ones! The key is loving the booty God gave you!


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