Snow Day in Florida



It has almost been a week since Snowpocalyse of 2018 in Florida. We joke about it, but really that weather pattern caused some major damage up north. It looked almost like a snow hurricane. It was nothing but a thin sheet of snow for about 30 minutes for us here in Tallahassee, FL. That small amount was enough to cause a big excitement. I know the rest of the country may not understand what the fuss was all about, but for us native Floridians, it was a huge deal.

I have only seen snow one time in my 34 years. It was a youth group trip to I think North Georgia? Somewhere around there. Y’all have to excuse my memory, which is almost non-existent after the life I led for so long. I was in early high school and it snowed the night we got to our hotel. My brother and I were thrilled! It was truly beautiful to watch it fall so peacefully. Now, the next day, the brown mud slush is not so beautiful and that ice is no joke. I am also not good at being cold. At all. We went horseback riding on a snow covered mountain and it was every bit as beautiful as it sounds. So, you can see, that was a very long time ago to me. I would love to travel to see snow, but that is harder than it sounds. Snow is not guaranteed. There were a few times I thought I would get the chance, but it just didn’t happen. I travel around the southeast a ton, but we don’t get a lot of the white stuff!

So, when there was a forecast that included a snow flake symbol, I flipped. We had this a month or so ago, the chance of it and it didn’t happen. Let down! This time, it really seemed to be a big possibility. They even cancelled school for the next day. I know some of you were laughing. We didn’t close school because it was cold, but because the roads would be dangerous with ice on them. What do you want us to spread on the ice, margarita salt? I saw sand on a few of the bridges days later….that just does not seem all that safe. We can face a hurricane, no problem, but snow and ice are just different. We weren’t prepared. So, I actually agreed with closing schools for safety reasons. It turned out to be a great decision because it was sleeting when we woke up. They closed the interstate and a few other roads in town. Driving would have been a nightmare to get our kids to school.


I was ok with extra Viv snuggles. She is so sweet and snuggly when she is sleepy! I wasn’t getting my hopes too high for snow. I asked my dad and he just said no snow, but sleet. Then about ten minutes later my mom came running in yelling, “IT”S SNOWING!” We couldn’t get dressed fast enough. Vivienne was trying to run outside with just a nightgown on! I can’t blame her. I wanted to, too!


When we looked out the back door, it was snowing. Snow in Florida. This is not a thing that happens. It wasn’t just ice or hail, but real snow. It fell for about 20 to 30 minutes on and off at our house. The minute I stepped onto the back deck I was SO glad that we were not driving. It was very slippery! I know, I know, you northerners are just laughing at us, but we really are not used to this! It was so stunningly beautiful. We just watched it for a few minutes. My papillon, Sophie, was having none of it. Viv thought it was great and then looked me dead in the face and told me, “Mom, I just can’t bear to be out here anymore.” We just don’t do cold, folks. So, We went inside and I stared at in falling. Then, just like that it stopped. It was enough snow for it to stay on the ground and some roofs for a few hours. It was glorious. However, I am fine with it being a rare occurence. I would also like for the cold weather to leave with the snow. If it isn’t snowing, I don’t really want the temps to be below 70 degrees. Y’all ever fished in freezing temps? Painful. My boyfriend joked withe me, “Hey boo, isn’t it cool that now when you say it is freezing out there, it actually is freezing out there?” Haha. I hate the cold. I have been frozen since November and I am really over it.


I do feel for you that have to put up with that for much longer than I do. Tell me your ways to not be extremely uncomfortable for months? I feel like I can’t wear enough clothes and my space heater is working over time.

Snow in Florida. Magical, eventful, beautiful and brief.




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