21 Day Fast 2018



I am not really a big New Year, New Me type of girl. I do like to celebrate dates though. I think measuring time is a good way to measure progress in some ways. Of course, time can be an illusion. However, since I began recovery, I realize the significance of time. I also realize how the length of something doesn’t really tell the whole story. It is just a good way to mark progress, yet that progress changes within those lines. We use dates to help ourselves prepare. We celebrate birthdays, holidays and anniversaries on specific dates. It isn’t really those exact dates that we are celebrating, but what happens in between them that we are proud of. You celebrate all that you overcome and find joy in between those brackets.

With that being said, I am going to fast this year with my church. I am not fasting from food, although some people are. The fast is to abstain from something that distracts you or takes away from your focus or relationship with Christ. So, I chose to fast from social media on my phone. I uninstalled the apps from my phone yesterday. I already see how addicted to it I was. I was opening them out of habit. It was taking away my focus from everything. As an addict it is easy for me to absentmindedly fall into these traps. I get sucked in to things that are innocent at first, but then become overwhelming. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I am having these weird feelings of withdrawal. That is not good. I know myself enough to know when I need to get control. That is one of the positives of recovery, you know yourself. It is just admitting it that seems to be the issue. I have known that I needed to cut back on checking them for a while now. I scroll through them all the time. Now, I can’t. I feel a release in a way.

Now, the goal is to use this time to work on my connection with Christ. I will use this time to get into His word and to focus on prayer. I am not writing this post to toot my own horn, but to just put it out there for others to join. I honestly wouldn’t have thought about a fast like this unless the pastor at my church suggested it. I am not saying I will not be on social media. I will. It is part of my work and how I stay connected to family and friends. I am just saying I will have to be more deliberate with it. I will use this 21 days to get my mind straight. I will condition myself to use my time more wisely. Maybe, when time is up I might add the apps back on my phone or maybe, I will enjoy having them off. Who knows? This time is about getting focused on what matters the most and not letting things distract me.

What is the thing that wastes your time? I know we all have them. Time suckers. Use this time to cut it out of your life. I have found that cutting something out completely, going to the extreme, helps push you to a point you weren’t even sure you were capable. As my pastor said, a fast shouldn’t be easy. It should be a challenge. Maybe you aren’t a Christian, so use this time to become more productive. I think of it this way, like a cleanse. You don’t necessarily do a juice cleanse for the rest of your life, you do it to start fresh. Get the toxins out. This is how I am viewing this fast. I am getting out those toxins and putting in fresh goodness! Replace those bits of time that produce nothing positive with reaching your goals. Those goals can just be to be more present with friends and family. Or your goal could be to get in better physical shape. What are you wanting to make your life better? For me that does focus on trying to be more centered on Christ. I know that the goal of my life has to be His as well. I know that I am happiest and have to most joy when I am most in tune with my creator. I need it. I crave it. The closest I have ever been to God was when I first started recovery and I had nothing else. I had to rely on Him. Now, I let all these distractions in. I have to be aware and make a conscious effort to push them out!

What will you fast from? What do you need to be more aware of? What goals do you have for yourself during this time?


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