Fishing in the Fog


We went fishing a few days ago and we went through fog like I have never seen it before. Have you ever seen the movie, The Mist? It was like that. I felt as though we might be entering another dimension. This is one of the reasons I love fishing. No, not because I love traveling to other dimensions, but because you truly never know what you will see. It is always an adventure and new experience.

We had to take the boat to the shop that is about an hour from us. Usually my boo can fix anything, but it had an issue he just couldn’t solve. This is also one of the reasons I never want to take a boat by myself! Things go wrong on the water so often and I never worry because he can always take care of it. I would surely die or get sucked into the fog and you would never see me again if I was out there by myself!


So, he found a boat landing that we could put the boat in and not have to travel far to fish since we needed to take it in. I love exploring these new landings for us. This particular landing was down a four mile dirt road. We saw a few critters on the way out there. We see lots of interesting animals when we are traveling to fish. We even saw a chupacabra once. I know, you don’t believe me, but I will get proof one day! It was very low tide and I was unsure if we could even get the boat in. Your girl still isn’t the best at backing it down, but we got it in the water without incident! We made our way out to the open water. It just got colder and foggier as we went on. At the landing I was warm and comfortable, but as we got closer to the open ocean the temps dropped and the fog was thick! You couldn’t see more than a few feet!

It was truly one of the most eerie feelings I have ever had. You could hear boats and things all around, but you couldn’t see them. I have no idea how George could tell where he was at all. I know he has maps and the GPS thing, but still! Again, this is why I would never go alone! I am even a little nervous to take the kayak on salt water, but next year it is happening!

We got to “the spot” and started to fish. As we drifted we saw other boats and it was so strange to hear them before you could see them. All of the sudden they would appear out of the dense fog. The boat was still struggling, worse than we thought. We just drifted along and I would cast as he tried to figure it out. He usually can. I was practicing top water that morning since it was so shallow. I remembered that the spot we were in was the first place I had ever caught a fish on top water. I am still not the best, but definitely getting better. Sure enough, a trout slammed my lure! It is just the best feeling to have your hard work pay off!


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I had a few more blow ups on top water, but no other catches. George got a few, like he always does, but we had to get back before the shop closed that we were taking the boat to. So, I was still proud of my fish from the fog on a quick trip with a messed up boat. The truth is, I would rather spend the rest of my life catching one fish each trip that never going at all or going and just using live bait every time. The thrill of catching them artificially is just unmatched. We made it the Jack’s Boat and Trailer just in time. We really do have impeccable timing.

We also made it to our movie, Star Wars, just in time! Yes, I am a nerd. I love all the Star Wars movies and get excited…not wait in line the first night excited, but go within the first week excited. The new movies will never be on the level as the originals, but still some of the best movies ever made! And I definitely want a crystal fox!



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