Day Trip – fast track to slow cruise


By popular demand, I am going to remember to write about my day trip adventures! I live in beautiful Tallahassee, FL and love to explore. Everyone knows that we love to fish and spend a good amount of our free time on the water together. I crave that tug of the line, but I also love spending the day with my favorite people exploring! Since I do have a crazy schedule and so does my love, we have to do day trips instead of spending the night places. It is actually a great way to have little mini vacations on a budget. Recently, we had a weekend without the boat, so we decided to do a spontaneous trip.

We slept in and went to Cracker Barrel. One of my favorite foods is biscuits from there! It can be a little disturbing to watch me eat a plate of those biscuits, but y’all, I am gonna live life and enjoy it! We were enjoying our biscuits, trying to figure out what to do when we came up with a plan. George was wanting to go go kart racing at a nearby outdoor track, but it was FREEZING outside and I was not into that. So, he found an indoor go-kart track in Jacksonville. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea because I am not the best driver, but I agreed to the plan because I do love to go fast! He sensed my hesitation and came up with an awesome compromise. He suggested that after we race in Jax, we travel a little farther to St. Augustine to see the Christmas lights! He knows how to get me because I love old cities and Christmas lights so it was the perfect plan!

We jumped in the truck with full bellies and headed to Jacksonville. Of course we had to stop at The Busy Bee on the way through Live Oak! If you haven’t been to The Busy Bee and you live anywhere near north Florida or South Georgia, go. It is truly the best gas station experience! They have a cute little shopping area, clean bathrooms and lots of yummy snacks! It was his first time! He was not sure why we had to take a picture in front of the shiny bathroom, but I am sure now he knows after going in them!


It didn’t take long to get to The Autobahn Indoor Go-Karting place in Jacksonville. It was a little strange because it is in this industrial type plaza. I was nervous. So nervous. The karts go up to 50 mph! That is fast! We signed up and got our race time. We watched these little karts speed around the tracks and I got even more nervous. I put on some Valor and Stress Away to calm the nerves. I was ready for our names to be called because the more we watched, the more nervous I got! When it was our turn, we put on our little head scarf and helmet and strapped into the kart. There were about 15 people racing all at once. As I sat in the kart waiting my turn, I wondered if anyone would notice if I just got up and walked away. No, too late to turn back. They opened the gate and we all slowly made our way to the track. I started in the top of the pack, but definitely didn’t end that way. They went faster than I even thought they would. The turns were tight and I was terrified of slamming into walls, which I only did once. As we went around and around, I was passed over and over until I am sure I was lapped by everyone. I had to concentrate and my adrenaline was pumping. I even came right up on a wreck! One of the teenage boys had to be escorted from the track after getting basically run over by a kart on one of the tight turns! Right in front of me! I almost thought we would all have to stop, but nope, we went right on going after he was clear of the track. The insurance agent in me just kept thinking, how do they get insurance? Then I remembered that I signed my death warrant also known as a waiver before jumping in this thing! I thought it was never going to end, but it did eventually. My name was last on the scoreboard which is impressive since one kid didn’t even finish the race! How was he above me? Was I that slow? Even though I was scared out of my mind and thought I was going to die the whole time, I am glad we did it! It is always fun to get your blood pumping like that!


Next, we headed to St. Augustine! This was the part of the trip that was for me! A great relationship is all about compromise and I think we do it well. We decided to eat at a restaurant called Gas Full Service Restaurant. It fit the day’s theme well, don’t you think? It was delicious! I am a sucker for homemade chips with a cheese sauce and the Reuben Egg Rolls were different and yummy!


We had planned to take a trolley ride to tour the lights of St. Augustine, but we didn’t realize that it was a special event night there, so it was super crowded. We decided to just cruise around the city on our own and see the lights. It had been a long time since I have been to St. Augustine and I had honestly forgotten how cute it was! I know cute is an odd word for a city, but it just is. It has this amazing feeling surrounding it. It feels other worldly, almost like you are on the set of a movie. We both decided we have to visit again when we have more time and it isn’t quite so packed. I am so glad we got to see it all decorated for Christmas. There were mostly white Christmas lights, which made the city just glow. I highly recommend taking a trip to St. Augustine to soak in old Florida.



We had perfect timing and had a perfect day! It is so great to have a best friend who loves to take unplanned trips to do all sorts of new and different things! It is nice to break away from our passion of fishing to just spend the day enjoying each other and all this world has to offer!

Where should we go next? Questions about oils? Let me know!



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