Momming So Hard: Teacher Gift Edition


I love being a mom, especially to my mini. I am so truly blessed that God chose me to be her mom. However, I am not the mom who lives for some of the “typical mom” things. I am a mom how I am everything else, a glorious disaster. The great thing is, she is the exact same way. So, that being said, I am not cutsey, crafty, well put together or any of those things, which I suppose is a little surprising from a former teacher, but hey, it is what it is and every now & then the preschool teacher in me lights up. I find a craft I can do that I just know will turn out right! I get a ton of crafting fails….like salt dough ornaments. Why can I never get a salt dough ornament to work out?

So, here it is. I made a teacher gift that turned out SUPER cute!


I know! SO CUTE!

The base is Epsom Salt and is topped with a loofah. Get the mini ones, they fit perfectly. Then I added a vitality Lavender 5ml bottle. I purchased gift cards at Starbucks and just asked for the cups. These are Venti size, but the smaller ones would work, too.


I had Viv make her teachers cards. She was so sweet and decorated them both for each teacher. I just attached the gift card inside the handmade card. It was the perfect gift in my opinion! Her teachers work so hard and deserve a relaxing bath! Just put a cup or so of Epsom salts in a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender! You do not need much Lavender since it is Young Living, the top quality in essential oils. Young Living is medicinal grade essential oils, do not over do it!

Lavender is a must have oil. It is the oil that started this whole oily life journey for me, so I love giving it away. When I friend gave me lavender to help me sleep I thought she was crazy. I let it sit on the shelf for months. When I finally used it after a particularly rough day and I was able to actually sleep, I knew something was up with this oil. I still use Lavender everyday to rest. I also use it for so many other things, too! When I was teaching I would keep some in the classroom to diffuse at nap-time for the sweet babies. It also came into handy for bug bites on the playground. One little drop will take away a sting and disappear the swelling. Lavender is called the Swiss Army knife of oils for a reason!



Do you have questions? Want to know more about why I am in love with essential oils? Send me a message!


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