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We love Halloween. Love. Vivienne and I look forward to it all year. We are not celebrating anything other than imagination, laughter, thrill and fun. Oh and candy. Me not Viv. Viv really doesn’t care much about candy. I know, crazy. Growing up, we did not really “do” Halloween. My mom isn’t really into it. Maybe it was the church upbringing or maybe it just wasn’t her thing. She let us dress up and all that jazz and we carved pumpkins, but it just wasn’t something she really enjoyed. So, this year, now that we live with them, I wasn’t sure if my mom would want to decorate. When Viv asked her, “when are we decorating, Ooma?” She didn’t skip a beat and got to decorating. She compromised and let us do decorations that weren’t scary. Honestly, I don’t really want to do scary. I love scary movies, but I don’t really want a bloody head on my dining room table. Maybe one day?


We did so much fun Halloween things year. We painted pumpkins to start. Viv just picked out a bunch of things from a craft store to put on her pumpkin. We laid newspaper down and opened the paints and went to town. I let her paint whatever her little heart desired. We also had glue for the pompoms and stickers. She loved doing this. It was something she could really participate in. She declined carving a pumpkin this year, so George and I did one together! It was a redfish tail and my favorite carving yet! We cooked seeds, too. I like mine a little spicy with cajun seasonings, but I like just salted ones, too. They are so simple, even I can’t screw them up! We saw a ton of creative and interesting pumpkins while we walked the neighborhood pillaging for candy.


Every year we visit Aunt Louise’s Farm, a local farm with a bunch of animals, a corn maze, mini-train ride, corn barrels and other fun things. We love to see how it grows and the new animals she has each year. They have fresh cotton candy, too, which is one of my favorite things. I usually get a pumpkin or two from there, too. Viv’s favorite thing is always the bunnies you get to hold.


We went to the FSU Flying High Circus this year. This was Viv’s first year going. They have a Halloween edition and it is amazing! It is an all student run production one of the only in the nation. They also have their own big top! I like to take Viv to new experiences. They had flying skeletons, jump-roping aliens and dancing zombies, but the wicked witch ring master was her favorite. Or maybe the popcorn? It is hard to compete with the popcorn.


We had 2 costumes with each other this year. We always go to our church’s Trunk or Treat that is usually the Friday before Halloween. For that we dressed up as My Little Ponies. She picked out our costumes. She was Rainbow Dash and I was Twilight Sparkle. I am pretty sure we will both have glitter in our hair for days. Then for Trick or Treating we were royalty. She was the Queen and I was a princess, obviously. One of my favorite days on social media is Halloween and the day after scrolling through all the fun Halloween costumes. I love to see all the cuteness and creativity. I love when people let loose and just have fun. I love to see happiness. We only walk a few streets to get candy. It is really all about the dressing up for me and my Viv.

We also made some really cool pumpkins this year with Aunt Tabitha. She found a fun idea to dip pumpkins in nail polish for a marbled effect. We followed the instructions and learned somethings.


Nail Polish Pumpkin

Get a bowl of warm water a little bigger than a small pumpkin. White work best. You can always spray paint them if can’t find them. Publix had them on sale this year. Dump some nail polish on top. Sally Hansen worked the best. The dip your pumpkin in at an angle. We loved the results. You can swirl your polish together before hand if you’d like. Really, anything goes. Oh, wear gloves! Have a lined tray out for your pumpkins to dry. These things will just save you a little bit of a hassle. They dry in about an hour or two. Viv was really into it, so I think this is a great project for ages 3ish and up. The adults had just as much fun.

A really fun thing I got to do this year was a neighborhood haunted house. A couple in my boyfriend’s neighborhood does one each year. They have a little maze with a bunch of scary Halloween things. At one point, you had to crawl! I mainly thought about what kind of liability coverage they had on their home. I know, the insurance lady is always there now, just like the oils! My friend Tabitha does an awesome Halloween decoration theme both inside and out each year! It is really neat to see. She even used our diffusers this year with her witches cauldron! I will have to ask her what oils she was diffusing! So while it looked cool, it was also healthy and beneficial! Neat!


Sad to see October go this year! Having a child is the best way to experience life. Her excitement is just contagious. We are already planning for next year’s costumes!



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