Don’t Let Evil Win



There is so much hurt and tragedy in this world. There always has been. There always will be. BUT, there is so much more good. I have seen many saying that they are just going to give up. Why bring children into this world? Why care? Everything is bad. The world is falling apart. I just disagree. This is not new. Sin/hurt/pain/evil/whatever you want to call it, has always existed. I think we see more of it because we see more of the world than we ever have. We have mass immediate communication. We communicate quickly and instantly with everyone all over the world. This is new. We also have weapons that can kill quicker and faster.

(This is not a gun debate or article. Yes, I believe something needs to be done. I believe in gun laws and reform. I believe people have a right to certain weapons. I will not argue that here.)

However, I do not believe that all is lost. I believe love and light will win. I feel that when you fall into despair or return the hatred, you let that evil win. Don’t. Find the good. Find the happy in everyday. Let the light shine brighter than any dark shadows cast by hate.

I sit and think after these horrific incidents. What can I do? What can we all do? There is so much and it varies from each situation to the next. What we can do everyday is to choose kindness. Sure, I know, I sound like Poppy from the Troll’s movie or a Carebear, but really. Try it. The thing that we can do that no one can take away from us is love, everyone, unconditionally. We can smile and laugh everyday. We can choose to see the good in people. We can find that light and do whatever possible to get it to shine brighter.

We all have hurt and pain in our lives. We all have things that are terrible happen to us. People you come in to contact everyday are most likely dealing with their own personal sadness. Maybe a kind word or a smile or some thoughtful gesture could change that persons day. And maybe if we all did our best to do just that, the world would be a better place. I can’t make you do anything, I can only control what I do and how I react.

From a Christian stand point, aren’t we commanded to live as He would live? To love as He would love. When Jesus was walking this Earth as a human, things were not easy. He was met with hatred and suffered deeply. He did not say, oh well, this is just too awful, take me on home to heaven. Nope, He suffered. He suffered physically, mentally and emotionally. He wept for people He had not met face to face. He suffered for people who did not deserve it. He kept going even though He knew the intense hurt He would face. The world was a bad place then. He kept going and finished the task He had been given. For me, for you. So, at the very least, we should give Him thanks. Because, He has overcome this world. So, ultimately, evil will not win this war. Love already has. Do not pray for an end so that you can go to the heaven you have already been promised as a believer, yet pray for a way to share that hope that you have with those who have not found it yet.

Don’t let evil this battle. Find the good in today. Enjoy the peace that comes in the moments we pass by so quickly. Be the light the a world covered in shadows of a war that has already been won.

Today, everyday, but especially today, make it a point to list all the beauty you saw. Take pictures, make lists or just take mental notes. I think you will find so much good, a world that is worth loving.  Ask yourself, what have I done today to be a positive force?

Psalm 46


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