Mason Jar Essential Oils Bath Soak


I love baths. I really enjoy the escape of sinking into the tub and letting your world become simple and, well, clean. I love letting the water wash over me and cleanse me. I always have. When I entered the world of essential oils, it reached a whole new level. I felt like now I was not only cleaning the outside, but the inside when I added oils. My hubby is really sweet and knows how much I love baths. He used to draw a bath, light candles and play Asian flute music, his favorite, not kidding. Now, he still plays the flute music, but puts the little diffuser in there and adds the essential oils salts.


We all have stress and need to manage it. Baths are one of my favorite ways. I like to get out and run with some peppy techno type music (don’t judge, I like happy tunes) and sweat it out. I like to get those endorphins moving, I swear they get stuck sometimes. Then, I come home to take my bath. I spend at least 20 minutes in there, pretending that is the only thing I have to do. I try not to think about all I have to do. I try to release the responsibilities and let them float while I am in that water. Although, I am a mom, so often I take a bath with my tiny human and that is just fine, too.The ingredients are safe for her, too! I  love that they are relaxing and helping us on so many levels because we are using the highest quality oils.


I researched recipes for weeks and found several elements I really liked from all of them. I tested them out, I know poor me, and decided on this recipe. I feel like it is simple, yet effective on many levels.



  • Epsom Salt (2 cups)
  • Sea Salt (2 cup)
  • Essential Oils: Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary (Busy Blend) (10 -15 drops each)
  • Mason Jar (or any other jar) to store you blend. Keep it by your tub and add a scoop to a bath after it is the desired water level.


  1. Mix Epsom Salt, Sea Salt. Get clumps out.
  2. Drop in your oils and mix
  3. Put in jar(s) [I add a few more drops of oil and shake.]

YES! It is THAT easy! Now, get in that tub and relax!

I painted the jars with chalk paint! (I know, my handwriting with chalk needs work!)

I painted the jars with chalk paint! (I know, my handwriting with chalk needs work!)


I have done SO many combos of oils, I like this one because it is really doing so many things at once. I call it the Busy Blend since it is perfect for the busy mom (or dad) who is trying to stay healthy and energized to keep up with life and your little. The lavender reduces mental tension, boosts immunity, improves circulation, and soothes minor pain. The rosemary is great because it is helpful with mental fatigue, which is something I struggle with due to all the things I take on. It also strengthens the body as a whole, while easing respiratory issues. The lemon aides the circulatory system, is energizing and an overall detoxifer.

I find that this blend of oils relaxes while revitalizing. Try this blend out and let me know what you think!

Here are a few more I really love.

Nighty Night Blend: Lavender & Peace and Calming 2


Seasonal Relief Blend: Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon


In the Mood Blend: Ylang-Ylang, Orange & Idaho Blue Spruce


Immune Booster Blend: Thieves & Lemon


Have questions? Want to know more about why I love Young Living Essential Oils?



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