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As most of you know,  I have struggled to find my fit in my career life. As a mother and a wife and even my hobbies, no problem. I love my life and all the things in it, except my job. I think that may have always been the problem. I was looking at it as a job, one job. Instead, I should have looked at it from completely different angle.

Who am I? I am creative, smart, fun and energetic. Question I always dreaded in interviews(yes, I have had a ton) is what is your weakness. I had to answer it honestly because it was/is so clear on my resume. My weakness, inconsistency. I am Vanessa, I am so many great things, but the thing you, interviewer is thinkin

g about right now is my inconsistency. You think I won’t stay and you are probably right. They were right. They were always right. I thought that in 4 + years I would have found a solid place for me and be well into that. I thought sobriety would be the cure for my job hunting. Truth, it wasn’t. That was me. That was really who I was. I hated that. I had shame deep inside me for my inconsistency.

I realized this when I dreaded Mondays and truly did not want to get up. I knew there had to be something I could do that would combine my passions and my true excitement for being alive. I thought about it often. I prayed about it continuously. I knew I needed a career that was constantly new and different. I needed something that had multiple facets. I needed a career that used my ocd and anxiety and hamster wheel of a brain as an asset. I needed to find a way to have a career that required me to multitask on a higher level.

God had shown me that I was going in the wrong direction. He showed me by closing doors and giving me the feeling of unrest. He knows how to get my attention. I started putting feelers out there to realtors around town. As most of you know, I am very active on social media. You know because you see my sweet Viv daily. I am not sorry for that. I enjoy it. I make these connections with people and get to interact in a way not possible before social media. I have truly enjoyed the way I am able to help people with essential oils and wanted something else like that. I needed more time for my oils. I needed a more flexible schedule. I had a real estate license. I had received continuous encouragement to truly commit to real estate. Financially, I just couldn’t burden my husband and parents like that again. I also didn’t want to chase the sale. I wanted to learn, be a true resource for clients. I wanted to be the best choice, not because I knew the right people, but because I had the best knowledge and skill to truly be the best choice.

I met with many people and weighed my options. I took my time. I didn’t make a rash decision. Shocked? Me, too. This is me, maturing. Finally. I met with Jennifer Stowell of Property Finders Real Estate and we just clicked. I understood her vision and was impressed with all she had accomplished. She has a Brokerage and recently opened a real estate school. She also works in some marketing and consulting. Perfect. I got it. I love how she is not limiting herself to just one thing. She is utilizing all her talents and skills. She needed someone who could help her carry out her vision and bring ideas to the table.

I have worked with her for a week and am already seeing ideas come to life. She has such a wealth of knowledge and knows how to share it. It is such a breath of fresh air to be listened to and taken seriously. It is amazing to have someone truly here my ideas and put them into action with me. I love being able to hear groundbreaking thought and be able to contribute to that. I am not only an assistant, but someone who works with her. I don’t know if I have ever had someone validate me in this way professionally. I am excited about what is to come, but even more excited to get to work to execute all that we have in mind.

I believe it is rare to find someone who matches your drive and even exceeds it. Yet, at the same time, she is understanding that I am a mom and wife first. She respects that. I am also excited that I have the time I need to commit to essential oils. I love that my multitasking skills are a huge asset to me here. I am not bored and don’t even think that is possible here.

I love learning about how to help guide people to their dream destination, whether it be a physical address, a level of success in business or a state of being.

I feel like I fit. Tomorrow will never be the same as today.

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  1. Great Post!!! Congratulations!!! Having known you for a long time and having worked with you, I’ve seen you excel in every job you’ve had! It is great to hear you are feeling like you’ve found your place professionally and that is working so well with your family life and oils! Keep up the good work!

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