DIY Essential Oil Infused Pinecones


I love making things, especially with my essential oils. The thing is, time and sometimes they come out a total Pinterest fail. One example, I cannot, for the life of me, make salt dough ornaments. I have tried several times and they never look right. I can’t really make any type of dough. It is usually the right consistency for all of 2 seconds. We all have our weaknesses. I keep trying, one day I just might get it. This year was not it.

So, plan B? I searched and thought, I can’t screw up these pinecones, right? Well, I didn’t! I infused the pinecones with Christmas Spirit Essential Oil from Young Living. I added glitter, of course. I made them for the teachers I work with. Next year, I will maybe add a ribbon! I know, so fancy.

First step, get your pine cones. Hopefully you live somewhere where they fall on the ground and you can pick them up for free! My sweet daddy gathered some for me since time is not on my side these days. I also found some really cool pod type things down by our lake I wanted to use, but again, ran out of time. You can use anything that can be dried out.

Second, bake those pine cones and whatever else you found, for at least an hour at 200 degrees. You do this to kill any bugs that might have made them home. We put them in muffin pans and a cake pan because I have somehow misplaced my cookie sheets.

IMG_20151218_085913 IMG_20151218_090333 IMG_20151218_090419

Then, let them cool. After they have cooled glitter them up! I just got a glitter spray paint and sprayed them in a box.


After that, I put them in the giant ziplocs and sprayed them with Christmas Spirit Essential Oil mixed with little water. I was heavy on the spraying. I let them sit for 48 hours and shook the bag occasionally. I sprayed periodically.


IMG_20151218_085352 IMG_20151218_085558

I am so glad I found an easy and inexpensive craft we could do together! I plan on dressing them up next year! I am going to start earlier so that the oil has more time to infuse!


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