DIY Essential Oils Makeup Removers


Here is the deal. I am lazy. I hate makeup and even more so, I hate removing it at night. I am a day time person. When the sun sets, I am ready for bed. So when day light savings time is over I am ready to sleep by 6pm! My night time routine needs to be quick. I also have a crazy toddler tugging on me, wanting to do exactly what I am doing.


When I saw the recipe for DIY makeup removers with my beloved oils, I had to try them! I have used tons of makeup removers and they are NOT cheap! It is hard to justify something when it would be so much cheaper if I would stop being lazy and just wash my face. OK, here is the recipe I used.

Collage 2015-11-22 20_42_09

  • Mix Ingredients Together:

3 tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil

2 tablespoons Witch Hazel

2 cups water

5 or so drops Lavender, Frankincense, and Tea Tree Essential Oils (can use essential oils of your choice – the ones I picked help your skin)

  • Pour Over Cotton Rounds in a Glass Jar (I know some people who have used reusable cloth to make these. I also had one girl use this with paper towels for a larger removing space.)
  • That is it! You are Done!

I have been using these for several weeks and I LOVE them! They were a little wet, so I just added more rounds to the jar! You can play with this recipe and the ratios are not definite. You can also use another carrier oil.

Carrier Oils 1

I love how easy and quick, as well as effective these are! You can put a few in a ziploc bag when you travel to make sure you go to bed with a fresh face! Bonus, they are safe for your little. She always asks for one and I feel good about handing one to her too. They won’t even sting if she gets it in her eye, which somehow she always figures out how to do that.



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