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Roadtrip Selfie

Roadtrip Selfie



It is official, I still hate gambling and casinos. I have been a couple of times in “my previous life” when I was using. I suppose it is much more fun to pump money into a blinky-klinky-flashy machine, when you are drinking the free drinks. I wasn’t. In fact, the whole thing felt, just icky. My husband and I went to Gulfport, MS with his grandmother. She is a loving, caring woman, who loves her family and the machines. She loves both A LOT!

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His grandmother is an interesting person to the extreme. We wanted to go with her, for her. This was her trip. I really wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of what this trip was. I don’t want to come off as unappreciative. We had a great time, really, but whoa. I suppose I really am a fishing, outdoorsy girl now! When did the transformation become complete. My favorite part of the trip was just laying out by the pool, which honestly is why I was excited to go.


I loved the lights of the resort. I love architecture and buildings! I love seeing new things and new experiences. So, I took pictures of lights! I was that weird person, pointing my phone at weird things. I really don’t think anyone noticed, to be honest with you. I can understand, because once you sit down at the machine, you get sucked in. I know that is the point. One of my main problems was all the smoke! I didn’t realize you could still smoke inside. You have to walk past the casino to get anywhere in our hotel, so I just felt covered in smoke the whole time. People smoked everywhere in that hotel. When you crossed over the bridge to get to the beach side, the smoke was gone. It was glorious! (We couldn’t stay on that side because someone needed to be close to the casino.)

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I have to say how proud I feel of my husband. I had a mini-freak out. I did. I have them often. He tells me to put some Stress Away oil on and then he helps me down from the cliff. I felt sad because I missed my Viv. I felt like I was wasting time away from her. I like to make sure that my free time, meaning non-work time, away from her is truly fulfilling. I don’t like to just be away from her with nothing to do. Travis reminded me that we are spending valuable time together. We were laughing together. We were laughing at ourselves and our situation, together. He has really come a long way in helping me when I am being irrational. I am thankful for that.


On Saturday, we spent the morning soaking up the sun and enjoying the view. I had a yummy non-alcoholic daiquiri. Whipped cream really does make everything so much better. We ate, a lot. Too much. I am not an eater. I felt this pressure to eat my fill. Bad choice. They had all the food you could want, just not the best quality. I have always been more of a quality over quantity person, especially when it comes to my food!

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We just weren’t slot machine people. After we spent the money the casino gave us, we were done. It isn’t fun to me to put my money with just the hope it might become more. I feel the same way about all types of gambling, even scratch offs. I just would rather “waste” money on things I get in return, like food or clothes. It just felt so oppressing being there. Travis said it felt like the movie Bettlejuice, where they were in the waiting room for Hell. That was dead on.


I am glad we got to go for his grandma and for that experience together. We always have a great time together. That is one thing I love so much about us. It truly doesn’t matter where we are. It is fun! Oh! We did get to go to a concert! The first concert, non-orchestra, that everyone sat down, the entire time! I did know several songs and we had a blast! Jefferson Starship! You know, “We built this city!”


I am thankful for a fun husband, who is my best friend, Essential Oils to clean the room-air-and-my mood, and chocolate covered strawberries!


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