Flag Day


I love the age Vivienne is in! I love every age, but this age is super fun! I get to craft with my girl! She is such a joy these days. Now, there are times when she loses it, but that comes with the territory. She is developing an awesome personality. She makes jokes and loves to laugh. She truly interacts with you now. She is kind and sweet. We struggle with some things, as she tests her boundaries and limits. That is natural. She likes to be close to you. She doesn’t like the separation that bedtime brings. Honestly, I get it. I miss her closeness when she goes to bed. She can be stubborn! She will scream like a baby velociraptor for an hour when she doesn’t want to go to bed. She goes past this point of understanding what she even wants herself. I try to remember that.

My little artist.

My little artist, making a get well card. 

So, I dread bedtime. We do our best to wear her out all day. It comes naturally for us because we are both very active people. We all seem to have a hard time sitting still. I love our family time, going and doing. I can say we are making the most out of every day. I try to do the things with Vivi now that I know she won’t want to do later. Things like crafts! I love the handprint crafts. I plan on making a bunch of different prints with her sweet little hands. Since the 4th  of July is coming up, we made American flag prints!



They aren’t perfect, but I love them. All you need is paint, paper and glue (I use modge podge). I just paint her hand with the pattern of the flag and then help her press it down. We let them dry and then did fingerprint stars. After they dried, I backed them up on card stock paper and coated it in glue. If you would like, you can write their name and the year in paint pen. We mad enough to give out to family.

IMG_20150617_093727 (1)


I like to do crafts that get her involved. That often means she gets messy, which is good I love when she gets into the experience! While she use to love bath time, she now puts up a fuss. My sweet mom found the bath color tablets! She LOVES them. She loves putting them in the water and watching them fizz and fill the tub with vibrant color. Inevitably, she wants more than one and the tub turns a dark color. The trick is only using one. There are so many ways to teach and give children the knowledge they need. We learn colors, letters and numbers, all during bath time! Get the bath tabs, here.



Enjoy every moment with your littles. Do the things you love, so that they feel that passion. I think the most important thing you can teach your babies, is to love life.


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