Sweet Summertime



I love summertime. I love the sun on my skin and jumping in cool water that brings you back to life. I love the warmth that comes during this time of year. Right now, specifically, is my favorite now, because of redfishing. Never, ever thought I would say that, but the reds are biting and I love it! I am closing in on year 4 of being an angler and I can tell you it only gets better! There is truly nothing more wonderful that early morning fishing adventures with my hubby. I am now in the stage where I can have an opinion about where we go, what bait we use and how long we stay where. We get to go pick out lures together and formulate a plan of attack. I love seeing the sun rise over the water and the animals greeting the day. I love that excitement that travels through my body when one of us hooks a fish. I love the good tension my body maintains while we get the fish to the boat. It is best when we see it is a redfish! Our favorite. Ours. We do this together. I love it. What is even better is that we have figured out a way to carry that teamwork into real life! We started a business together!



I love working with my love. I love being able to help our family grow and succeed, together! We are now Fletcher Lawncare! He had a business years ago doing lawns in a prestigious neighborhood here in Tallahassee, before fire school. Now, after a year of firefighting as a career, he is ready to start that business again. He is amazing. Anyone with a nice mower can cut your grass, but not with the care he puts into it. He treats each lawn like our own. He cares about the end product. I love that about him. His attention to detail and his ability to time manage so well. No, I am not cutting grass just yet. He taught me how to maneuver the mower, but let’s just say, I haven’t mastered it yet!


I love so much about what is happening right now. I am choosing to see the good. It is nice. Not everything is perfect, but most of it is. I really don’t think it will ever be perfect. I see the great things on the horizon, but have really focused on the good right now. I think that is the key to contentment. That and prayer, or really prayer that I can do that very thing. It isn’t easy. I am thankful for oils to help me do this, too.

Flowers from our land.

Flowers from our land.

I am really loving living on land with plants that have fruit and I love having the chickens.I love having food from the land we live on and take care of. We have blueberries and blackberries in the bushes surrounding our house. I am sure there is more, we just haven’t discovered it yet! We have more eggs that we can use, so I get to bring people eggs! We also trade sometimes with people who have vegetables or other things. I would love to have a garden one day, but I am an accidental plant murderer. If it isn’t a survivor, it won’t make it with me around! I think I over love them.


My little helper.

My little helper.

Speaking of chickens, I am almost healed, about a week after it happened! I know, call me Grace. I have zero depth perception. None. I really thought I had lost my eye from the tin on the top of the coop! Thankfully, I have oils. Looking back, I should have gotten stitches. Oh, well, oils healed! I used Purification to clean it, Frankincense to heal and then I made my little healing concoction. There are so many you can use, I just happened to pick the ones below. Each oil was listed to help heal and soothe and they did!


Now is the time for beach trips. We went on Memorial Day and it was perfect. It will always be one of my favorite days. We went all the way to St. George, which we normally just go to the closer beach, Mashes Sands. St. George is an island and farther out in the ocean, a true beach. The sand is white and soft. There are waves, there aren’t at Mashes Sands. That beach in up farther in the bay and is shallow for miles. There is just something so beautiful about “the real beach.” There was a red flag when we got to the State Park on the Island, but that didn’t stop us or most others. It was packed. We parked in one of the lots between the pavilions, so it was less crowded. There were only two other families. It was a little windy, but that died down.




Vivi LOVES the beach as much as we do. She is a true joy to watch at the beach. I love how she is just a ball of pure excitement. We build sand castles for Vivi to smash, play with all her sand toys (drag them all over), and sit by the water. I held her to go in, because of the wind. AND of course we set up a surf pole! I was shocked when Travis caught a redfish from the shore! I have never seen anything, but trash fish come from the waves. Leave it to him to get one of the coolest fish I have ever seen! Vivi even help reel in some of my catfish I caught.



I love our little water loving family. I love that we get to experience such amazing moments together. I am grateful I am sober to truly appreciate them.

After the beach, we got a little read. It was hard to apply sunscreen in such wind and with a little one that wouldn’t stay out of the water! Next time, I will be sure to apply before the beach. I was thankful for my Lavender lotion, used to soothe burn once we got home and cleaned up. Our skin was just a little red and the lotion worked perfectly!



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