Redfish Love


I am in love with redfishing. That is what got me hooked on fishing in the first place, over 3 years ago now. Today was a day that reaffirms my love for the redfish. There is truly nothing like reeling in a redfish. Nothing. It is almost impossible to describe the excitement that you feel from your fingertips all the way to your toes.


We always seem to get a late start because we have to get Vivi, our toddler, to school Today was the teacher appreciation breakfast and we had cinnamon rolls to take. Vivienne is not quick in the morning, so it takes some time. We didn’t even know the tides, so it was really no rush. Once I got her to school and we got on the road, we had a flat. Of course. Travis, my hubby, got it fixed in no time and we were on our way. This time last year was when I caught some nice sized ones, so we were extra excited! We both love the drive down the dirt road to the landing. In my opinion, North Florida is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We were the only other boat at the landing. Why I love our schedules! I love that we get the place to ourselves. The water was so red and so high. We really just had no idea how the day would go, but the memory of last year was in the forefront of our minds.



We saw small dolphins heading in as we headed out through the creeks. I have this weird sixth sense for spotting them. It really impresses me how Travis always knows where to go because there are so many twists and turns. We don’t have a GPS that works as of right now. We fished along the banks for about and hour, I was getting frustrated. He caught a smaller red and I hooked a flounder. We anchored off one corner oyster bar and threw our frozen crab out that we had saved from a previous trip. Nothing. On the way back up an oyster bar I cast my spinner bait right in the crook of it, and bam! A hit! I knew it was a redfish right away and felt my blood start to boil and my skin tingle. They fight like no other. We could tell he was a good size when he surfaced soon on. I get so nervous to get him to the boat! You have to be careful to reel and keep the tension, but not too tight so that he can snap the line. I just follow him up and down the boat and reel when I feel slack. I let him wear himself out! Once he got close, Travis got the net and pulled him in. Relief!


I just can’t tell you how wonderful it feels! Especially to have caught him on artificial! I released him back into the water slowly, savoring the battle. I have come a long way from not being able to cast by myself!


We then went out a little deeper to try for trout. No such luck. We decided to come back in and fish along the banks and oyster bars again. I was content, I really just wanted Travis to get his big one. Last weekend, he out fished me at the tournament. It seems to go that way. One or the other. As we came back up the oyster bars, I let out my Gulp behind the boat and the piece of crab as well. While I was watching the corks, I saw him set the hook. He had one! I was about to get the net to help, when my Gulp went under! Doubles! I grabbed and started reeling. It was so much fun to be fighting at the same time! I got mine in first. Not very gracefully, but I really do very little gracefully. I got the net and got his in. It was perfect.


Both mine measured over 30 inches! What a great day! I love that I have a captain that puts me right on them! He is like my own personal guide! (Don’t tell him that.) AND, NO crying this time! Of course, I caught two very big redfish for North Florida. It was easy not to cry this time. I love the coming together that happens. The connection between us grows each time we catch fish together. Especially at the exact same time! This land and water around us here, is truly stunning. I am thankful we can enjoy it together.


Now y’all know I can’t not talk about oils! We used my all natural Bug Spray and Sunscreen today! Click the one you want the recipe for!



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