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Are you ready? Teacher appreciation week and Mother’s Day are rapidly approaching! I know how much I truly love and appreciate both the moms and teachers in my life! Being both a mom and a former teacher(once a teacher always a teacher) I know how hard both of these callings are. I am so excited to make them something they will actually like and use this year! AND my toddler daughter helped! I got some super cute glass jars and we made coffee filter flowers (instructions below) to put on them! Now, I am not saying this is all you should do! I would definitely take them out to eat. I say go somewhere because most mothers will have the compulsion to help if you stay home. As far as teachers go, get them a food gift card! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Starbucks or Target. Although, knowing their heart, they will be happy that you took the time to think about them. It truly is the thought that counts. As a mother, I cherish the things my child makes much more than anything anyone could get me and I am a gift lover! I love gifts. So husband, if you’re reading this, keep on giving. 😉 These lotion bars are something I want, in fact, I made some for myself!



You will need:

Beeswax (for one small batch 2oz, I used about 8 oz)

Grapeseed oil (or your favorite oil) I used equal parts to the beeswax.

Coconut Butter (or Shea Butter) Equal parts as well.

Vitamin E Oil (optional) a couple tablespoons

Your Favorite Young Living Essential Oil (I used Lavender, Orange and Grapefruit, one for each batch.)

Silicone Mold of your favorite design



It is SO easy.

First, measure out equal parts beeswax, oil and butter. Then heat those together in a double broiler. I was always scared of this. Don’t be. You can even stand your glass measuring cup on an empty tuna can in boiling water! I have a metal bowl I put in a pot. Easy.



Then add your squirts of Vitamin E Oil and 20 – 30 drops of Young Living Essential Oil!



Then pour it into your mold! Any type of mold is great! I chose shells because it is summery! Freeze until frozen!



I also had Vivi help me make coffee filter flowers that smell good!

You will need:

-Coffee filters


-Chenille wires

-Smell Good Young Living Essential Oils (I used Joy, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang.)

I had Vivi color the coffee filters with markers, the wetter the marker the better. Then I filled a bottle with distilled water and the smell good oils. Then I sprayed the filters to make the markers run together. Then, after they dried, I folded them into a cone and wrapped the wire to the tip. Then I fluffed the filter! Done!




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