I have changed so much in the past 3 years since I got sober. I never, ever thought I would enjoy being a wife and mother so much. I never EVER thought I would be a Work From Home Mom/Wife. I still find that a little crazy, but it is me now! I love taking care of my family and having a job that allows me to focus on them at their schedules. I figured out how to clean the floors with my Thieves cleaner and was thrilled! I was excited over clean floors. Really? Yes. I made a bug spray that actually worked and didn’t have that harmful DEET in it. I was over the moon. Really? I made a simple Purifier Spray to keep everything fresh. That was the highlight of my day. And I am really content with that.

I don’t know when this paradigm shift occurred. I think it was steady and gradual. I think that as I was able to take the focus off of myself and put it more on others I became more and more satisfied with doing things for my family. I find joy in making my home a happy/clean place. I love having simple solutions to help my family when they need it.

I use to think success meant a promotion or money. Both are still nice, but that is not the limitation of success. Success can come in so many forms. It is a process for me to really grasp this. I find that in this phase of  my life, success is supporting my family. I am continuing a career, just not in the conventional sense. That works for us. The hardest part was getting over my preconceived notion of success.

Here is how I green cleaned the floors!

I found out how to get that pesky Swiffer cap off on my wet jet. (I do not mop. I find it dirty to stick it back in the dirty water or sink.) So I googled it and found out that if you boil water, hold the bottle in cap down, it comes off with a hard twist. Then you clip off the prongs and it is reusable. You can fill it with whatever you want. I chose Thieves cleaner! Which is awesome because I know it kills bacteria naturally!

Get your Thieves here! the

Get your Thieves here!

The Room Smell Good Spray was easy as well!

I just used: Purification EO, Epsom Salt, distilled water all in a glass bottle sprayer! (Click on each one to see where I got them!)

I just poured the distilled water in the bottle, put 20 or so drops of Purification in and put a spoonful of Epsom Salt in the bottle, then filled it to the top with distilled water!

It works great! We got a couch from a friend that had been in the garage and it was smelly when you laid on it. We washed the cushions, sprayed the foam and the remaining fabric. I also put a couple drops in the washer of Purification! Good as new!

I spray the room occasionally to rid it of puppy smell!


Last, but certainly not least, is my Bug Spray! I made this for us to go fishing and for Vivi for school! We have some killer sand gnats in central Florida, not to mention the man eating mosquitoes! The great part is that you can change up the recipe at any time to fit the bugs you have in your area! I love that Young Living oils are not diluted, so I know they are the most powerful.



I used witch hazel as a base, which can be found in the cosmetics section at your grocer or here. Then I just used the oils I had on hand that I know repel bugs, Thieves, Purification and Peppermint. Then I added Spearmint and Patchouli specifically for sand gnats!

Natural Bug Spray!

Natural Bug Spray!

I am proud to say, IT WORKED! You do have to spray it more often, but I don’t really mind. Now, this is not your grandma’s patchouli! These oils are 100% therapeutic grade! They dissipate into the skin and do not smell super strong. I don’t really smell them after the first five minutes, but some people do. I happen to like the way most of them smell, some not so much, so I put them on my feet! I do LOVE the way they work, so I deal.

I hope this helps you and I hope you can find peace in your purpose. It takes time and above all, God’s guidance.


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