Beach Baby


Warning: Tons of toddler on the beach pics!

I love salt water. I love sand in my toes. I love the vastness of the ocean. The sea is where Travis and I truly fell in love. Fishing for redfish is what brought us together and what keeps us together in the hardest of times. But we don’t have to be fishing for us to love the salt air. We often just go to eat and be close to the ocean. So, it was a big deal for Vivienne to love the beach, too! She is two now and old enough to really have fun and for us to interact with her. I knew this year, would be the year we really find out if she liked going as much as we do. I will spare you the anticipation! She loved it!


Our first day going was Good Friday. Her school was out and I was off so I felt it was the perfect time. I got everything ready, including new sand toys! She loves her princess swim suit, so that was easy to get that on, but she didn’t want to wear anything else. Oh,well, she is a toddler so I figure that is ok for now. Vivi has been having a hard time with the car lately, so I was a little nervous about the 45 minute trip. It went relatively fine! I ran my USB diffuser with Release Young Living Essential Oil to prevent any meltdowns. (We have had some success with that particular oil and toddler tantrums.) We sang songs, everything from ‘Wheels on the Bus’ to Techno. She loves all sorts of music and will tell you about it. She will tell you when she doesn’t like a particular song, too! She also read to me, which I love. I only heard, “Mommy, wanna get out,” 10 or so times, which is a success!


It was foggy when we got there, but warm enough to play on the beach. We were the only people there in the beginning. Mashes Sands is a very shallow beach and I love that! I don’t have to worry about her getting swept away by huge waves. We can walk miles out and still be knee deep. You can also see lots of sea creatures when the tide goes out.


She wasn’t scared at all! She ran after the birds and splashed in the water. She rolled her sand toy cart everywhere! The look on her face was amazing. She was so happy and that made me happy! Seeing her experience the beach made my heart so full. She loved having me build sand castles so that she could smash them. Which, let’s be honest, it is fun to smash sand! “Mommy, make it right there!” SMASH! She had very specific plans for where she wanted me to put the castles so that she could smash it!


The sun came out and it was glorious. She ran through the water and laughed! She kept telling me, “Mommy look! Two birds!” When there were way more than two. Then we had snacks while we relaxed on our quilt. She sat peacefully eating. I just couldn’t stop smiling. I knew we had to take Daddy!



We went the very next Friday with Travis. It was so great to have all of us together. The experience is never complete without him. He found even more toys for her this time. It was more for her to move from spot to spot. She was also fascinated with the water gun, thank goodness it didn’t work! At one point, she gathered her toys and started walking away. She just told us she was leaving. I am glad she changed her mind!



Travis also brought a kite! It was the perfect weather for the kite! Vivi did great running with the kite and keeping it in the air. It was perfect. The whole day was great. We had minimal melt downs. She was an angel! The day went so well that we decided to eat by the water. It was a great end before he had to go into work. I love that she loves the water, especially the ocean. I love our little salty family.


We kept the sun in check with homemade, natural sunscreen! I made it with essential oils and other natural ingredients. I loved not having to put chemicals on Vivi! AND it worked! We all used it both trips and are sunburn free! We were also not sticky and it was easy to cover your skin.

Natural Essential Oil Sunscreen Ingredients - Get the oils here, theoilery/net.vanessa-fletcher

Natural Essential Oil Sunscreen Ingredients – Get the oils here, theoilery/net.vanessa-fletcher

Here is the recipe. I am not a scientist or a doctor. I just know it worked for my family!

1/8 cup Wheat Germ Oil

1/8 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil

1/2 Teaspoon Soy Lecithin

1 Tablespoon Red Raspberry Seed Oil

10-20 drops Peppermint Young Living Essential Oil

20-25 drops Carrot Seed Young Living Essential Oil

2 1/2 Tablespoons Distilled Water (I did not use distilled.)

Here is the video I used to make the sunscreen:

SPF from source:  Since oils are natural – they aren’t lab tested for SPF.  However, Super Shazam is a blend of oils that have the following approximate natural SPF’s:  Fractionated Coconut Oil approximate SPF 8-10 Wheat Germ Oil Approximate SPF 18-20 Carrot Seed Oil Approximate SPF 30-40 ( more effective on the UVA spectrum) Red Raspberry Seed Oil approximate SPF 30-40 ( more effective on the UVB spectrum)

The Sunscreen is naturally water resistant, but not waterproof. You could add beeswax, but I would be hesitant due to weird consistency since Beeswax hardens. Try it and let me know. We just reapply every couple of hours, if we are out that long.







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