Dining Room Love


I have never been one of those “perfect homemaker” type women. I love my home. It is my sanctuary. I look at it as more, our museum for our adventures. I want to come here and feel at peace and relaxed. I want other people to feel that way, too. I want my guests to feel like they can come in and are welcome to be themselves. We have moved often, not by choice, and are excited to find a place we really hope we can stay. I have never had a true dining room that was really separate from the living room. This house has just that and I don’t want it any other way ever again. We have a small house. It is a 3 bed and 2 bath “farm house” that was built in the 50’s. I love that. I love the character that just permeates this house and this land. It sits on 3 acres, which is really what we love the most.


I love the separate dining room because it makes meals more focused. It also gives me a place to sit and work, but I don’t have to waste a room to my part time work. I was never one to understand a large amount of square footage just so someone could have a craft room or something silly like that. Now, that is all a preference. If you have the money to buy a house with extra rooms and the time to clean them, by all means. I however, do not have time or money to do such a thing. Our new dining room provides the perfect space to combine activities, yet keep the focus on family meals.


We have also never had an actual dining room table. All the tables we have had sat 4, because that was all we needed and all the space we had. One day, when we live on the boat, we will not have room for a table at all. I like to enjoy each phase of my life. So, when I had the opportunity to acquire an old 6 person table, I took it. I was painting the table for someone who later did not have room for it, and gave it to us. She picked the color, white, but I like it. I am glad I didn’t really have the choice because it might have been some crazy color, like I always do. I think white is a good  color for a tale because then you can change out the chair covers. I know that will have to happen since we do use the space for crafting and life.


I used the chalk paint that she bought, which I will never do again. Maybe it was the paint. I don’t know, but I hated it. My hand hurt and it took FOREVER! I will only be using spray paint from here on out.  It is faster and let’s face it, I am impatient. I like how it turned out because it looks weathered and beachy to me. Shabby chic, if you will. There are cracks and it looks worn. Really, I probably needed to sand it, but the can said not to. I spent $11 on fabric at Joann’s. I love Joann’s. I got fabric on super sale, online coupons are your friend in craft stores! Honestly, the hardest part of the recover was getting the right size staples! (Note: always take the gun with you and get the same brand. Who knew?)


So, lessons learned. Buy cheap furniture on craigslist or some other thrift store. Use many, many spray paint cans. Get fabric at a great price so that you can recover it and not feel heartbroken if it gets something on it. You live here. Don’t stress about your furniture that is meant to be used.

As for my fun center piece, it was a Pinterest inspired project. We are on a tight budget, so I used found things. I will be doing the food coloring with white flowers for Easter lunch, because I think the kids will really love it, so I can use the plastic eggs! I had the jars and the eggs cost $1.50 a pack, I used 2. I also found these cute bunnies for about $1.00 each! I think it is simple and fun. I love changing things up and involving Vivienne. She painted the shamrocks you see on the Happy Everything plate!

Easter Table Decorations

Easter Table Decorations

I clearly love eclectic style. I find things on our journeys and put them in my home as fun reminders. I picked a pallet of blues and oranges, I know, I know. Not Gator blue and orange. The funny thing is, I used to HATE the color orange! I like it now because it gives me a mental boost, yet the blues are calming. I love baskets to hide all of our craft stuff. I eventually want to get “cuter” baskets. Basically, our dining room is us. We use it. It makes us happy!


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