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I was inspired when we moved into the new home because I had new space! I wanted to have a place where my family could get organized and I wanted it to be attractive at the same time. We have busy lives and our schedules get crazy. We both need a place to make sure we don’t miss anything. I do love Pinterest and  get inspiration there. I knew the area in the kitchen by the back door was the perfect place to put our “command center” and display Vivi’s art! It is a place we gather; we are always in the kitchen!

Command Central

Command Central

First project was inspired by the old windows I found by the side of the road. I stopped and put them in my trunk when I saw them while driving along one day. Vivienne already knows her mommy is crazy. At that time I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but when we moved into the new house it hit me! Vivienne is constantly creating so I like that I can change out her work with clothes pins. When I find something I truly want to keep forever, I will frame it. (Be real, I do not keep everything that comes home. Seriously, she is 19 months old.) So, what I did was simple. I told my sweet hubby we needed to go to a construction type/ home improvement store to get wire. I found copper wire, which I love because it gives it a richer feeling in my opinion. I had to give Vivienne a fake out so that we didn’t have to pay for grommets we didn’t need. She is at the age that she really loves grabbing everything and telling everyone hi. It is very cute, but takes 30 minutes to go into any store. So, Travis attached the wire by just wrapping it around screws. You could do it any way you wanted. I forgot to get “picture hangers,” that is really what they are called, so I had to spend 20 mintues lost in the home improvement store. Then I hammered them on the back in two places so they would be firmly attached to the wall. I also cleaned them. That was it!

Art gallery!

Art gallery!

Materials for Window Art Gallery:

* Windows

* Wire

* Screws

* Picture hangers

* Windex

Collage 2014-07-09 15_01_04


The next project is even easier! I prefer dry erase boards for things that I use daily. I have seen several versions of the picture frame dry erase board. It was super easy. I just found fabric pieces on sale in the fabric store. I did actually iron it. I put it in the frame. I put a burlap ribbon on it because I think it is pretty. You can change it with the season. I fully intend on changing it for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I would do a fabric that is one main color so that you can see the dry erase marker, which is the whole point.

Materials for Dry Erase Picture Frame:

* Frame

* Fabric

* Ribbon

These projects took me little time, both under an hour! Travis even did the windows two different ways. I love the little personalizations that come from making things yourself. Don’t be scared to try things. Get inspiration from the internet and Pinterest and then make your own! Draw from what you see and use it as an idea bank! Happy crafting!


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