We are moving, again. I actually hate moving, even though we do it so much. This move will be the last for a very long time. This landlord is amazing already! She cares about her home and paid to have it updated the right way. People think we are nuts for leaving a beautiful lake view, but I don’t care what anyone thinks. It is gorgeous, so take a picture is what I jokingly say to a stunning sunset. I am beyond tired of bathing my 3 children who always want to get in the mud pit aka lake everyday only to get right back out. I am excited to live in a walkable neighborhood and have a fenced in backyard! I have a lab who pool hops and a papillon who disappears. We are also getting more space. For a small family, we need our space to spread out.


All in all it is a wonderful thing. We are all really thrilled! Tuesday is when it all begins. I am one of those people who will not rest until my house looks like a home and completely lived in. It is part of my OCD/anxiety. I can’t sleep, literally, until everything is hung and looks like our home. Right now, I am looking around at bare walls and boxes and it is driving me insane. I like for things to be in their place. Which is also hard when you get married. It is funny because we are the same, but over completely different things. He flips over the floors being immaculate and putting dirty dishes up. Yep, I have a toddler by myself so y’all guess how often that is perfect. Never, that’s it. I try. I swear my dogs leave more fur on the floor than their body. He also thinks that dogs should be outside. I do  not. (Sophie, the papillon is really not considered a dog and is there by exempt from all rules.) Wyatt the lab only comes in at night. He has different rules when Travis is gone, which he knows very well. My buttons are just having things put up. Travis leaves every door open. That no longer really annoys me as much as baffles me.

That fallen tree hasn't moved due to lazy landlord.

That fallen tree hasn’t moved due to lazy landlord.

So, next week, I give myself a week to get pretty much settled. Which also means a week without fishing. AH! I have a vision that needs to be completed. That is how I attack life. I visualize and do it. Both feet. Shoot first kind of thing. I am trying my best to slow down, but it just isn’t me. Inside of me is chaos, so I like my home to be calm. I think some people  think they will find craziness when they walk into my home, but it isn’t. I like to combine both me and my husband in my decor. NOthing too bright because I need to relax and bring it down a little when I get home. I love pops of color. I love to decorate and express us in my home design.


I think spending time at home with your family is very important. I do not think a specific home is going to make a difference. I think how I grew up has a lot to do with that. I look back at my childhood fondly, but it was never about the actual structure. No, it was. I remember 3 of them. We had to move as we followed God’s plan. I look at moving like a necessary thing. My memories don’t live there, they live in my mind and heart. In fact, the apartments we lived in when I was very young at Seminary in New Orleans are no longer there, but I remember them plain as day. We had little money, but I didn’t know that then. Those were some of my best memories. We ate whole pickles, sardines and popsicles on our picnics in fields that had clovers all around us. That was our home. That tiny little apartment where all my friends lived. Where we would walk to the fountain on sticky nights. (Well, I would ride my tricycle promising to do so the whole way, only to be carried back by  my Daddy.) To me, the house it’s self matters very little. It is the love you put into it.

We love our family and the time we spend together. We have been forced to move several times now. This landlord right now is a very nice person, but has yet to fix important things since we moved in in November. We moved into this house because the one before it had black mold in the bathrooms and kitchen that had been painted over. The one before it was the size of a shoe box before Vivienne got here! I am ready to stay put. I am ready to know my neighbors. I am ready to try to calm the craziness inside me as well. I think being sober 2.5 years, it is time to establish some consistency. I heard a quote on a sober/alcoholic T.V. show, Mom, where she said something to the effect that you just get so use to chaos that you don’t know how to live without it. That is the truth. I am ready to try! We love living with a lakeside view, just not the lake. My family is wherever I go and that is where my home is, which is where my heart will go.


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