Fish Together Stay Together


I fell in love with fishing after I got sober and because I had nothing better do to on the boat with my husband who was going to fish whether I liked it or not. Now, 2 years later, we compete. Sure, he has been fishing his whole life, but we compete in a way. It is a healthy competition. Yesterday I netted a perfect redfish for him while dying on the inside. I wanted that fish on the end of my line. As soon as he saw it was a red and not a drum he laughed and said that he was going to call himself rubies2redfish. I glared at him. He created this monster that is me now. There are times that I have to pump him up to go fishing. Crazy! I don’t care that you are tired from working! We are going to go fishing! I am tired from taking care of our daughter! The fish is more important! We must go!


I love fishing as much as he does now. I am trying to learn as much as I can to do everything by myself. I want no help from him so that any fish I catch is on my own. I am starting to practice backing down the boat (I already drive it forward) and driving the boat in the water. Small movements are really not my thing, so it is taking some time! I ask A LOT of questions. I google all the time. I am working on being quiet and patient on the boat and not crying when things don’t go my way. I see guys say they want a girl who fishes. Do you really? It isn’t all tightlines and photo ops. He is always in charge, which is how our relationship is. Or how I really try to let it go. He is the captain and I am first mate. I try to learn enough so that I can really be helpful. I don’t just sit there in my bikini and reel in a fish when he hands me the rod like most of these models. However, he gets to enjoy his wife in a bikini. No one else. I do work! I bait my own hook and release my own fish. That took time.


Someone asked me if we were competitive the other day. I hadn’t really thought about it before. Yes, we are. We have both had days were the other caught fish and we got skunked. We fish together 98% of the time. He fishes with other guys, I don’t have anyone else to fish with. Jealousy? Yes. I would love to fish with other friends!(Hint, hint!) One day I will be able to fish by myself. That is why I am determined to learn kayaking, too! I want to fish by myself! I am dependent on no one to catch fish, but of course, my husband is my favorite fishing buddy. We always have fun. We love to find new spots and new species to conquer. I think a little competition is good for us. It helps us to be on point. He knows that when we go, we go to catch. I don’t want  to leave until we have to or it is time to get our angel. Vivi will grow up on the water.  She will grow up learning and doing for herself, competing with us!


It is hard to compete when you are all on the same boat using the same bait or lure. So we really aren’t competing. It isn’t like bass fishing. Bass fishing you are competing. There is always a little luck and prayer! I love being part of a catch. I love when a fish is so powerful that you have to chase him down and concentrate on just that fish. I love when we come up with a plan to cover all levels of the water area. I love planning where we are going and what our strategy will be. Every trip is like an adventure. It isn’t only about our time on the water. It is about getting there and getting home. We see such interesting things and talk to such characters. Those are memories that I love! There is nothing like our time on the water! Even just riding in the boat is part of our time. I feel like we are in our special world. We experience different environments when we go for different types of fish. I love just being outdoors in open air viewing the wonder of God’s creations! It is truly amazing all that is around us. We see animals up close, so much more wonderful than a zoo! No cages. We fish hard. Then when it gets too hot, we swim! We are spontaneous! We are in the perfect place to go with our mood and create amazing moments!


There are times when I ask him to stop talking to me like this is my first time hold a rod. There are times we get frustrated with each other because only one of us is catching fish. There are times when we have different ideas. BUT, if our biggest problem is we can’t decide to go salt or fresh, I think we are doing just fine. We have like mind. Our focus is faith, family and fishing, in that order. Our time is focused on the same things. Now, we do other stuff and have time apart. I believe you need that time from each other. We aren’t the perfect couple, by far, but we are working on it! I am so glad we love to learn about each other and are interested in each other’s interests. I bet that if you give most things a chance, you will find good in all of them. Fishing to me, is awesome! Fishing with your significant other is best!


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