Laughter is the Best Medicine


My child loves to laugh. She has the best laugh I have ever heard. When she hears someone laugh across the room, she laughs. When she hears someone on the radio laugh, she laughs. She wants to be part of the laughter. I love that about her. When she does something that makes you laugh, she wants to do it over and over again. At 17 months old, she appreciates bringing joy and laughter to others. I know I am doing something right. Travis and I aren’t sure if we are making the right decisions as parents all the time, but she likes to make people laugh. She likes to see you smile. I think we are doing good so far.

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There is nothing like the laughter of a child to warm your heart. I can be having the absolute worst day ever and then Vivienne laughs, it all melts away. It is not just my own child that gives me this amazing feeling. It is not even just a child. I particulary love children, especially my own and my brother’s. My niece and nephew are incredibly funny. Spending time with them is one of my favorite things to do. My nephew is 5 and my nieces are 2 and 1. All of the children together is much like herding cats, if cats could talk. Well, not that you can understand the girls yet. Vivienne talks all the time, but we aren’t sure of 80% of what she is saying. She has her own language. We speak to each other, not sure how much either of us are understanding. Benjamin is extremely intelligent and loves to talk and ask questions. They are the most honest  questions; therefore, wonderful. Lucy is 2 so just hilarious most of the time. She is so serious about being a frog, kitty, puppy when she grows up that you can’t help but smile when you think about that all day long. Of course, don’t laugh when she tells you this. She wouldn’t understand why that is funny.


I love spending my time with our littles who are just learning about the world. I love their perspective. It is new and not jaded by things yet to come. Or maybe not. I would love to shield them from the evils the Satan will throw at them, but that isn’t how free will works. I know my parents wanted the same. They knew I would face pain and struggles. I don’t think they had any clue it would be so deep and so long, but they knew. They did what they could to prepare me. They instilled God’s word and His love in my heart and soul. I made the choice to accept Christ as my Savior. This never left me. There was a point in my life that I thought I would never laugh again. I felt physically weighed down by my mental and emotional grief. I couldn’t laugh. I had to work through my sadness to reach my joy. Laughter is a gift. All the money in the world can’t buy true, pure laughter. The kind of laughter that isn’t at the expense of another, but at just the happiness of a moment. I have that now. I am reminded every day of what living is when my child laughs.

Daddy wearing pink heels.

Daddy wearing pink heels.


Sometimes it comes at the end of a frustrating moment with her. We can get so frustrated. I am sure she feels the same about us as well. She screamed the entire way to school the other day. It drove me nuts. I tried all the tricks. We got to school and she stopped. I went to get her out of her seat and she handed me her hair bow that she had pulled from her hair. She said, “Bow?” I smiled instantly. I looked for her doll she HAS to have. Doll-doll was no where to be found. I looked at her and asked her (not expecting an answer), “Where is Doll-doll?” She shrugged her little shoulders. I then asked if she had Doll-doll to which she replied in the sweetest little voice, “No.” I died laughing. So, of course, she started laughing. She was trying to tell me Doll-doll was at home by screaming and I just didn’t understand. I kissed her little forehead and smiled.

Pets are my children,  too. Equally as funny.

Pets are my children, too. Equally as funny.


I have always loved children. Well, since my freshman year of college when I started teaching afterschool. I love being reminded of how simple and beautiful life can be if you just allow it to be. I know, we are adults and we have responsibiilities, but sometimes we need to enjoy the little things. The happy moments can be wonderful. I love seeing the world through my littles’ eyes. I already find myself getting excited about the simple joys. Allow yourself to become overcome with joy about a cupcake. Why not? Stop and see the sky when it changes color. Study your surroundings. Talk to strangers. This is not usually recommended, but it is alright when with an adult. You are an adult. Use commom sense. Enjoy people. There are some wonderful people in this world. They can tell some truly hilarious stories if you just smile in their direction.  Connect with the world. Even better, spend time with a child. Just don’t be a stranger to the child. That is typically frowned upon. Volunteer with children. I promise that you will get more out of it than you ever expected. Laughter will cure the soul sadness.


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